This showreel includes my work as Lead Artist and Art Director on a research project developed by Crytek.

-Art Direction

I created a style guide to define the artistic vision for the game, using visual references, color palettes and descriptive look & feel of all assets. I managed concept artists, organizing and directing the creation of concept art & mood paintings that were used as reference to create art assets, level layouts, lighting and post-effects shown in this showreel.


I  managed and supervised the production of a team of 14 artists to deliver technical and visual benchmarks for all different categories of assets presented in this showreel, using Agile methodology.

-R &D

I  actively worked with the R&D department on troubleshooting visual and technical issues, improving visual quality and performance of the CryEngine, and on defining Art production pipelines used to create AAA-quality assets optimized for next-generation consoles.