-Art Direction

Together with the Cinematic Director, I defined the visual style, color palettes and the list of visual effects for the cinematic production of Killzone.
I created and set up the production pipeline for 2D compositing and visual effects using Shake.

I managed and directed a production team of 20 compositors to maintain efficiency, visual consistency & timely delivery of all cinematic sequences for the game.

-Hands On

I handled compositing, color correction and 2D visual effects on a dozen cinematic sequences from beginning to end.
I took care of final pass polishing work on the majority of sequences for the cinematic production.


Before/After Post FX Comparison

Complete cinematic sequence that appears half-way through the 4th level of Killzone, showing a comparison beween raw footage rendered from Maya, and the final result post-processed with Shake.

Compositing Passes

Selection of shots from some of the cinematic sequences I worked on.
It progressively shows the multiple layers of effects, compositing and post-processing applied to them, from raw footage to final result.