Audi VR Pitch


-Art Direction

W hile working at Staramba, I collaborated with Audi’s VR department on a pitch to demonstrate the visual quality that we were able to achieve for a real-time application, using Unreal4 and Oculus.

The challenge was to achieve photo-realistic rendering of the Audi RS4 in a 3D VR environment using dynamic lighting. Audi provided the original CAD assets of the vehicle that we optimized down to 10% of its original size. We created all shaders from scratch.

To showcase the Audi RS4, I chose an oversized minimalistic sport hall, filling two of the gigantic walls with TV screens to support the concept of dynamic lighting. The vehicle was parked on a rotating illuminated platform that would activate when stepping in front of the control panel. From it, the user could customize the car paint or turn on the car engine.

The Audi VR pitch was completed in 4 weeks.